FGGC Owerri (UK Chapter) Alumnae Association
Pro Unitate
Message from Sheila Everard (Founding Principal 1973 - 1980)

"Please accept my good wishes for the success of the FGGC Owerri Alumni Association.  The internet has enabled those of you all over the world to keep in touch and those who join will find companionship from old friends and also give you an opportunity to help your old college.

School days may seem a long time ago to some of you but I hope that you all have happy memories and have found that what you learned at FGGC has helped you in life’s journey. Those of you who were there during the early days may find some of the pictures I have attached of interest.  It was an exciting and fulfilling time for all pioneers. You helped to establish the traditions; your Association will help to keep them alive: I hope that the present and future generations will also be proud of them."


Sheila Everard
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Message from Mrs. F. A. C. Anyile (Orange House Mistress, Economics Teacher; 1982-86, 1991-2006)

Mrs. Anyile is still involved with our beloved alma mater via her current position with the Federal Inspectorate Service of the Federal Ministry of Education in Owerri

"I am greatly delighted and proud to be associated with this great citadel of learning: Federal Government Girls' College, Owerri. It is wonderful that you the old students are living up to your motto,... PRO UNITATE. It is a sign of moving forward. Truly you people developed relationships that cut across ethnic boundaries and are lasting for a life time. Long live FGGC, OWERRI ! A school for the HEIGHTS and great academic prowess."
Mrs. F. A. C. Anyile

Message from Mrs. Ogueri (Matron 1979—98):

“Knowing that my girls have now made me a grandmother and are doing so well in all their endeavours bring great pleasure to me.”
Mrs. Ogueri, London, UK

Message from M. et Mme Keke (French & English teachers)

Thank you all beautiful ladies, our ex-students of FGGC Owerri now residing in the United Kingdom and all over the world for remembering us, your former teachers.

You are now married with children and either working or doing one business or the other -thus rendering service to humanity where you reside.

We are proud of you and your achievements in the world. We remember our days with you as young girl students of FGGC Owerri. We were with you from September 1976 to January 1984 when we left on transfer to FGGC Abuloma in Rivers state.

You were good girl students, studious, respectful, disciplined and looked forward to a fruitful future at home and abroad. You achieved your aim at FGGC Owerri i where you passed your WASC exams with distinctions and pride, without resorting to examination malpractice now rampant in Nigeria.

Now that you are married with children and working all over the world, remember your alma mater and nation and continue to behave with honour and decorum. Furthermore, respect your husbands and bring up your children morally, academically and in God fearing ways.

Keep the FGGC Owerri flag flying high all over the world where you reside and work, god bless you all – amen.

Your ex- teachers, Monsieur (Ezinna) B. C. Keke and Madame (Ezinne) Patricia N. Keke

Message from Mrs. Garrick (Principal 1984—88):

“I love all of you and I am very glad to hear you are all doing well. I pray to God to bless all of you and grant you all you wish for yourselves. I feel touched and blest that you remember me and it brings joy to my heart. Please extend my best wishes to all my old students and their families”.


Mrs Garrick, Calabar, Nigeria

Message from Mrs. Etuk (Principal 1980—84):

“I am really touched that my students remember me and think enough to trace me even with my draconian laws when I was Principal. I am very glad to hear you are all responsible grown women, some of you with families. I extend my very warm wishes  to you all around the world and you are welcome to call on me whenever you are in my area. God bless you all.”

Mrs. Etuk, Uyo, Nigeria


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