FGGC Owerri (UK Chapter) Alumnae Association
Pro Unitate

From the desk of the Secretary



DATE: 22nd March 2014

TIME: 3.10PM


AGENDA 1 :  Attendance Register 

ATTENDEES:  Nene Obibi-Mordi, Gloria Okorocha, Chioma Agogbua, Iphie Mottoh-Inoma, Deola Kola-Mustapha, Lola Fayehun,  Ijeoma Achareke, Uchenna Onukwugha-Eke, Gesiere Tabai- Ojejimi, Nina Ndubuisi, Hariette Efafaroro, Louisa Ajaero, Keke Ogu, Abi Omojola, Nneka Udokwu

Apologies from Keke Nwaobi-Iwe, Jacinta Opara, Adaku Udeaja 

AGENDA 2:  Introduction of Guests

Attendees introduced themselves by way of name, house and year of exit.

The president thanked all for making time to come out for this meeting

AGENDA 3 :  Race for life registration/fundraising

Ijeoma introduced the Race for Life. Stating that it is due to take place on the 27th of July at Hyde Park 11AM. The link will be put up on the website so we can all sign up the fee is £14.99. Apologies were made for messing up the fundraising section (just giving page).It is being rectified and will be up and running soon. We are looking to raise at least £500. Last year we made over £600.  Uchenna mentioned that it would be a good idea to order shirts with FGGC printed on but how we get it would depend on individuals (perhaps collection will be on the day of the race). Chioma mentioned that it would be a good idea to start collating school songs for the day as last year we struggled a bit and it would make it more fun. Also we should let friends, family and even work colleagues know that we are running the race and get them to sponsor us. We can share it on our individual FB page, BB, Whatsup and even tweet about it if we want. Nene stated that the whole idea is for this event to be a family activity so we can bring our kids, family members and friends as it is likely to be an all day affair. We will have a tent/lucozade stand in our section.

AGENDA 4 :  Overview on activity calendar

An overview on the activity calendar was discussed in more detail. We will amend the new changes on our website. The social event slot for April was decided for Sunday the 27th at 042 in Leyton 3pm (ample parking). More details will be put up on our site.

The trade fair will be set up in May 21st for anyone that has a business. A small token fee will need to be paid. Uchenna will book her church hall as plan B for the event in case we are unable to find an affordable central place to host the event.

The careers day was tentatively set for the last weekend in August. Aimed at people who need advice and tips e.g. career change, cv writing etc.

 Gloria mentioned that she will be giving a talk at sister Edak’s husband’s church on 28th March at 229 Great Portland street for people interested in coming to support her.

Members were urged to highlight any dates that may clash with them especially for Christmas.

Nina suggested the Christmas party be done the weekend of our foundation year. It was agreed that we have it on November15th.

The come dine with me slot was moved up to June since the race for life falls in July. Nina and Gloria suggested we make it a rolling event to cover the first 6 months where contestants host monthly instead of weekly as originally planned. . Nene announced that we are looking for volunteer hosts and judges and we will be circulating it on our sites. The rules will be drawn up shortly. It was agreed that it does not have to be limited to members only.

AGENDA 5 :  Update on FB outcome

Nene announced that the new executives are not in control of the FB page since Nina has refused to relinquish admin rights.  So moving forward, we will only put up what is necessary on FB and will be communicating via email, our website as well as FB. However Nina has promised not to delete anything posted by the executives. We are looking to collate email addresses of UK members to enable us send out reminders.

AGENDA 6 :  Membership/Payment

We are always recruiting new Members. Payment is £10.  Harriette Efafaro, Nene Obibi- Mordi, Nneka Udokwu, Gesiere Tabai, Gloria Okorocha, Ijeoma Achareke and Nene Richie paid their dues on the spot.

AGENDA 7 :   Entertainment break

Any Other Business

A representative (Chinyere Showumi) from Met Life was invited to speak to the ladies about Life insurance, Accident and injury cover and Critical illness. She covered the importance of us ladies to have at least one of these insurances in place.


No announcements were made.

Adjournment at 6.10pm


Handover / GM MEETING

DATE: 8th February 2014

TIME: 3.30PM

ATTENDEES: Adanma Oguh, Nene Obibi-Mordi, Gloria Okorocha, Chioma Agogbua, Iphie Mottoh-Inoma, Mmoley Taylor, Adaku Udeaja, Jacinta Opara,  Deola Kola-Mustapha, Lola Fayehun, Keke Nwaobi-Iwe, Ijeoma Achareke, Uloaku Iheboro-Ikegwu, via skype:  Uchenna Onukwugha-Eke and Fiona Ukachukwu.

Introduction of Guests

Attendees introduced themselves by way of name, house and year of graduation.

Report of the President: The last year

Report was partly given by Adanma Oguh (Feb – Oct 2013) and Gloria Okorocha (Nov-Feb 2014) covering events like the race for life, scholarship fund, AGM, 40th anniversary (unofficial) and the Christmas party.

Facebook Page:

Issues were raised in regards to the official FB page and the unauthorised removal of three admins (Gloria Okorocha (president- out going official), Uchenna Onukwugha-Eke (treasurer- incoming official) and Chioma Agogbua (secretary- incoming official) by Nina Ndubuisi (Communications officer- outgoing official). The house was informed that the above mentioned officers had tried to reach her on an informal basis with no response. Gloria informed everyone that she had spoken with Nina that morning who claimed that as she set up the Facebook page, it belonged to her and she would rather pull down page than hand it back to the Association.

It was further reported that she said her actions were as a result of a number of issues, such as her suspension as an Officer by the pioneer executives led by Mmoley Taylor, her interpretation of a post put on the page by Obi Ugbana, a US alumni to which a lot of other alumnae worldwide had made comments on. Nina felt the comments on the page was directed at her.

At this point, Mmoley, who was President at the time of the setting up of the Facebook Group page, stopped Gloria stating that private issues were not at stake here and she gave the genesis of the Facebook page. She stated that the page was set up following the very first meeting of the FGGC Owerri UK Alumni Group. Certain tasks were given to the elected officers at that meeting. Jacinta as Treasurer was asked to look at opening a Bank Account, Mmoley was tasked with getting a Constitution in place for the association and Nina as Communicationns Liaison Officer was tasked with setting up a website and a facebook page. Nina said she had no knowledge of designing a website but would set the Facebook Page up. Mmoley offered to design the website. Nina set up the Facebook Page the following day using the Alumni official name as the group name as agreed at the meeting.

Jacinta concurred with Mmoley as she was also part of that premier Executive and was at the said meeting of 19th February 2011.

She therefore said she did not see how Nina could claim a page she set up in line with her duties as an Officer of the Association is her personal page.

She further advised against getting into a fight with Nina over the page as this would distract the newly elected officers from concentrating on their duties of moving the association forward, instead advising that a new page be set up and Nina be official asked to change the name on the page she had hijacked.

Deola felt the creating of a new page would bring about too many questions from existing users as to why a new page was being created.

Nene felt that the pioneer executives led by Mmoley Taylor had left a problem in the form of Nina for her team to inherit. Mmoley & Jacinta pointed out this was untrue because based on Nina’s abuse of office particularly with her conduct over the Facebook page, she had been suspended as an Executive and her admin rights taken away before handover to the Executives headed by Adanma where Nina became an executive again.

Adanma pointed out that based on Nina’s history with the page during her tenure as an Executive with the penultimate executives, she had been unwilling to give Nina Admin rights but the other Executives led by Gloria had fought her about it and insisted on Nina being given admin rights despite the fact that her duties as Communications Officer was not in any way hindered by her not having admin rights.

Nene now felt the discussion had hinged too much on Nina. She asked to be given time to fix a meeting with Nina where she would ask for the page back or the name change in an informal setting.

Mmoley asked her what she intended doing if Nina insisted on only handing the page back on the condition that she remained one of the admins.

Keke Nwobi said she could be given a positive answer but be removed as an admin as soon as the page was handed back.

Mmoley advised against this as it would mean Nene selling her integrity by not keeping to any promise she made to Nina. Nene said she would be explaining to Nina that not being an executive would mean she could not stay on as an admin of the page.

Options were discussed back and forth and it was finally decided that Nene went ahead with her approach to have talks with Nina and get back to us the options open being  to release the page and give the sitting executives admin rights of the page.  Should this fail then, she would be asked to pull down the page or get an injunction to remove our official name from the page (All within a time frame of one month) as we have bank accounts in that name.

Iphie asked what the harm was in leaving the page as it was and ignoring Nina. The security implications were discussed in regards to the FB page not being under control of the new incoming officials which meant they would not be protecting the interest of the 810 members on the page and this would leave them at risk.

Iphie asked what the guaranty was that someone else with admin rights would not do the same thing Nina had done and hijack the page. Mmoley advised that henceforth all Admins should be made to sign an undertaking recognising the page as alumni property.

At this point Mmoley formally tendered a letter of withdrawal membership to the association as she did not feel it was in her best interest to remain in the association whilst there was a wildcard situation with the Facebook page bearing the official Association name. She also stated that by removing herself from the equation, Nina would not be able to use whatever personal gripe she has against Mmoley as a reason to hold the association to ransom.

Advice that traffic should be driven to our website was mentioned as we are already paying for it. Mmoley who had set up the website and had been paying for it till 2013 handed over the site officially to the Association in January 2014.

She also asked that the Association create its own dropbox as the current drop box being used belongs to her and she would not want to have any access to the official alumni matters having withdrawn her membership of the Association.

Questions were asked on how amendments could be made to the constitution and the response was in order to make it happen an extraordinary general meeting would need to be called.


Report of the Secretary/Treasurer: Notification of Paid Dues Members/ Statement of accounts

There were more inflows (£2525.43) than out flows (£1058.00) this past year leaving a closing balance of £1467.43.

Four members paid dues on the spot: Lola Fayehun, Deola Kola-Mustapha, Jacinta Opara and Iphie Mottoh.

Mmoley Taylor handed in a withdrawal of membership from the association and requested that her paid dues for 2014 be put into the Association Scholarship fund

Handover/Signing Mandatory documents

Mandatory documents were signed and witnessed by Deola Kola-Mustapha, Lola Fayehun and , Uloaku Iheboro-Ikegwu

Swearing in (Oath of Office)

New executives were sworn in:


Nene Obibi-Mordi




Chioma Agogbua




Uchenna Eke




Adaku Udeaja


Welfare Officer


Iphie Mottoh


Communications Liaison Officer


Ijeoma Achareke


Public Relations Officer


 Entertainment break (brief meeting of new executives)

Information from new executives

Speech from incoming president

Thank you speech was given by the new president with a pledge to move the association forward.

Feedback was given as to the 40th reunion held last year as a representative. Our president would be a member of the National executives of FGGC Owerri by default with Mary Helen Nnadi voted as president and Karachi voted as secretary.

Adeola advised the current Executives to get more members to join the association with a suggestion of each executive to target at least 10 people they knew.

Confirmation of Date/Time and Place of Next Meeting (Both Executive and General)

It was discussed that the use of personal residences was beginning to work against attendance as people were not likely to attend meetings hosted by those they may not have good relationships with.

Some people felt there was no harm in having meetings in each other’s homes but keeping actually events on neutral grounds.

The next General meeting was decided for Saturday the 22nd of March. To be hosted by Gloria. An Executive meeting would take place before this date.

 Suggested activities

Development of The Race for Life as a family event

Members were invited to contribute to filling in the events calendar for the year e.g to support various church harvests and activities.

Requests were made for future hosting to be had on mutual grounds for all to be able to attend.

 Website maintenance

Volunteers were called upon to help with the administration of the websites.

Aim is to get more traffic to the website



Setting up of Committees (patrons/advisory/year representatives) – volunteers

Suggestions were made to get the first executives as advisory committee members due to their wealth of knowledge or to suggest and forward names of likely candidates bearing in mind that it is voluntary.

Any Other Business

Members were told of the benefits of having Met life. It was suggested that as a marketing tactic if they wanted an audience with our members there had to be benefits to the association.

It was decided that in the meantime events should be put up on our websites.


None made.


Meeting adjourned at 6.30pm.



DATE: 17th August 2013


ATTENDEES: Adanma Oguh, Uchenna Onukwugha-Eke, Gloria Okorocha, Chioma Agogbua, Hariette Efafaroro, Iphie Mottoh-Inoma, Fiona Ukachukwu, Nina Ndubuisi, Mmoley Taylor, Adaku Udeaja, Lekia Lee,Edak Effiom (Nee Nkute), Jacinta Opara, Tina Okoro,  Nene Obibi-Mordi, Abimbola Ojejimi- Omojola, NeNe Okoro, Nkechinyere Ogu, Chizor Ukachukwu, Boma Nemi, Minnesora



Thank you speech given by the president to all for attending the meeting


AGENDA 1   40th Anniversary

As there hasn’t been a lot of publicity on our FB Page about the Anniversary due to security reasons, attendees were given documents received from our School regarding the programme for the day (40th Anniversary celebration planned programme of Events, Details of the 40th Anniversary Project and invitation for congratulatory messages) for those going.

It was noted that the programme from our sister Alumni Owerri branch was slightly different from the schools one in terms of accommodation and time slots and advised to err on the side of caution and follow the schools programme. Further clarification indicated that the school is providing dormitories which may be more suitable and useful to recent graduates (economical reasons) plus the space is limited.

Opportunities to send the school congratulatory messages/ adverts were mentioned for individuals that want to sponsor the school and a listing with the prices were handed out.

Front inside cover  -  ₦25,000.00

Back cover  -  ₦30,000.00

Back Inside cover -  ₦25,000.00

Full page -  ₦15,000.00

Half page -  ₦10,000.00

A quarter page -  ₦5,000.00

 We the FGGC Owerri Alumni (UK Chapter) will be sending out an official congratulatory message with our reunion group photo attached.

The school have a 40th anniversary project to build and furnish a Block of 12 Classrooms/subject rooms which we as an association, will not be contributing to. Individuals who wish to contribute can contact the school directly. Please be aware that this project is different from the one being done by our sister alumni Owerri Branch (The Sheila Everard Hall).

Based on questions asked and suggestions made, Delegates going individually to the 40th Anniversary will represent us UK Chapter and mention within our 15min time slot on the day our scholarship scheme project so as to check accountability and have it acknowledged publicly since we are not in control of how the funds are used. We will make mention of the 8 children that have benefited from this fund in our article we are sending. First we the executives need to find out how much advertising space the school are willing to give us before settling for the full contents of the article.

On the planned programme of events, the itinerary with “Old Girls” relays to the Owerri Old Girls Association and participation in their activities comes with a fee of about ₦15,000.00 and a contribution to their Sheila Everard Hall Project.

The school is still waiting for all sister alumni’s to feed in their programme before a final draft on events is drawn. Basically the only thing set in stone is the fact that the event is taking place on said day (Saturday 16th November 2013). We are yet to let the school know what we intend to do for that day.

Based on questions asked in terms of travel, visa, links etc we feel that people can make their own individual arrangements as they are down to personal preferences bearing in mind the security situation back home. We will however be putting these documents and contact details up on our FB page for alumni that may need further details to access.


AGENDA 2   Elections

We have elections due in October. As of today there are 5 positions vacant for nominations (President, Vice President, Communications Officer, Public Relations Officer (PRO) and Welfare Officer). The remaining officers will need to draft and hand in their manifestos for re-elections.

Suggestions were made for and against cutting down the amount of executives in office by removing the deputy posts for the sake of being able to meet the quorum.  For a quorum to form there needs to be as much lay members as the executives present in an AGM or General meeting as stated in the constitutions.  By cutting down to 5/6 Executives it becomes easier to hold meetings and meet the quorum requirements. Also Banks for example would not accept anything e.g. signatories for account where there is a majority of executives present in a General meeting or AGM as what they ask for is minutes for the AGM not Executive Meetings.  Suggestions against were that it would be difficult coordinating without an assistant especially when circumstances change and it leaves the position in-active.

Suggestions were also made that the communications and PRO positions be merged as they were similar

Other suggestions were that each executive try or be responsible for bringing at least one lay member to the meeting if we want to retain the deputy positions and we can all pool together.

Questions were raised as to why elections need to be held yearly as the executives have not had enough time to gel and get to grips with responsibilities and should have 2years to give them time to focus and do something concrete otherwise they’ll be under too much pressure to perform.

It was recalled that in the last AGM prior to elections, the people that accepted nominations did so under the understanding that their term would be for a year and be subject to re-elections also if something changed  in their circumstances and they are unable to meet up with their requirements, there would be an out clause.  After the first year, one can run for another 2 terms but capped at 3years.

Arguments for and against was that:

Some members felt that when an executive is good at their job and passionate about it, the 3yr cap limits them whilst some members felt that the association should be seen as dynamic and open to fresh blood as opposed to being stuck with the Mugabe’s and Gaddafi’s of our generation and so we should be working towards having one general group collaborating instead of different set groups meeting all the time. It was also agreed that for one to be effective and make an impact on our organisation, they don’t necessarily have to be an officer.

An extraordinary general meeting can be called to re address the constitution, get the legal people we have to look at it and document it if required.

In terms of this election we need to find the people for nomination first, and then get them to agree for nomination next before moving forward as the agreement part has proven difficult from past experiences.

Date for election is tentatively set for the third Saturday in October and there can be voting by proxy/ postal. One does not have to be physically present to vote.  Only paid members can nominate and stand for elections but the vote is open to the wider alumni.

Suggestions were put forward that we should try and engage people by sending out emails and picking the phone on a one to one basis when communicating as not everyone goes to face book as a way of encouraging people to join and stay informed.  Periodically (every 3 months) we should revive our constitution and other official documents on the face book page so as to let everyone know what we are here for. Also as executives we can review the contact list for possible updates to aid identify active and inactive non members. We could also direct new members to read our constitution documents as part of the welcome message so they can be well informed.

AGENDA 3 Alumni Dues/ Scholarship

Our scholarship fund runs all year round.  Account details can be collected from the Treasurer.

We discussed increasing the alumni dues but agreed to keep the dues at £10 and push for raising funds.

Fund raising ideas were given:

Facebook Aution: – where a member donates something to the association and Bids are sent to the treasurer. Once the deadline passes, the highest bidder gets it (Bids by law need to be documented for 6yrs)

Other suggestions were for us to use the American auction style but it was agreed that that option would only work if people were physically present.

It was decided that since our fund raising was geared towards our scholarship scheme, we should make it more pronounced as more people will be willing to pay the dues once they can see what it is for. 

Dues paid: Nene Okoro, Iphie Mottoh Inoma, Boma Nemi (welcome ladies!)


AGENDA 4 Social Events

We are looking to do an end of year fund raising dinner dance. The plan is to set cost to cover the dinner and put an additional £10 on top for the fund raising donation. We are leaving it open to member + one (spouse/friend) as long as they purchase a ticket as well.

We are yet to decide on the venue knowing that it could affect our tentative date of 7th December.

Since most of us are not going for the 40th Anniversary, we are rolling this event into our own version of 40th Anniversary dinner celebrations.

We will update you once we have investigated the different options. (E.g. Hotel options)

Other social event ideas were Karaoke evening (Machine secured) and link it with sponsorships per table, have fines for awful voices etc

Fashion parades/ parties where we could sell things and a certain percentage of the proceeds go to our funds.

A suggestion was made that as the UK constitution see us as a charity, we should use our scholarship fund as our focal point in all we do especially as we are enabling the less privileged.  The social gathering is a bonus and we should use it to send the message out to all.

Clarifications were made on the different types of scholarships (subject based, yearly and individual) and why the names of donors and receivers are not announced on FB (for anonymity and security purposes) they will however be announced on the day of the schools 40th Anniversary once permission has been granted.

The school will be giving our delegates going for the Anniversary an official letter regarding the sponsorship to come back with

 It was agreed that the dinner will be called “The Celebration of our 40th Anniversary Dinner Party”


Meeting ended 16:17PM

FGGC Owerri Alumni (UK Chapter) Association, Handover Meeting - Minutes


Meeting attended by:

Tina Okoro, Nene Obibi-Mordi, Lola Fayehun-Idowu, Laura Maduakoh, Mmoley Taylor, Jacinta Opara, Ijeoma Achareke, Gloria Okorocha, Chioma Agogbua, Chizor Ogbonna, Fiona Ukachukwu, Nkechinyere Ogu, Uchenna Eke, Harriette Efefaroro, Adamma Oguh, Lekia Lee, Carol Iwuanyanwu

Presided by: Mmoley Taylor

Absent from meeting:

Apologies from Adaku Onwuka-Udeaja, Edak Effiong,KC Akpoteni


9 February 2013




Agenda Topic #1: Welcome


Welcome speech from outgoing President Mmoley Taylor included






  • A vote of thanks for the support received in the last 2 years
  • An appeal to continue giving support to the incoming executives
  • A flashback on two major events accomplished –The organization of the Reunion and the scholarship program setup (£820 already been sent). 
  • Encouragement to the incoming execs to come with new ideas and to reach out to as many alumni’s as possible
  • Advise that support shall be given



Agenda Topic #2: signatures on handover documents


There was a verbal confirmation that all the code of conduct forms were returned and the handover documents were passed round to the execs for their signatures with the following listed witnesses present: Lola Fayehun-Idowu, Laura Maduakoh, , Chizor Ogbonna, Nkechinyere Ogu,

It was agreed that the following new Officers would be signatories to the bank account: Adanma Oguh- President, Uchenna Eke – Treasurer, Harriette Efefaroro – Vice Treasurer, Chioma Agogbua – Secretary. The change of signatories effective as of today the 9th of February 2013 or as soon as the relevant documents are received by the bank


President- Adamma Oguh

Deputy President- Gloria Nwahiri- Okorocha

Secretary- Chioma Agogbua

Treasurer- Uchenna Eke

Deputy Treasurer- Harriette Efefaroro

Welfare Officer- Fiona Makia

Deputy Welfare officer- Adaku Udeaja

Communications liaison Officer- Nina Ndubuisi

Public relations officer- Lekia Lee

Deputy Public relations Officer- Nene Obibi-Mordi




  • Those execs  absent are to sign theirs at a later time
  • Signatures of existing officers to end today
  • Handover administration of the Alumni Facebook Group was effected by the outgoing President, Mmoley Taylor with immediate effect.


Agenda Topic #3: Arranging visits


As we have two alumni sisters recovering from operations (Tochi and Adaku) we need to agree a weekend to visit them.




  • Fiona saw Adaku at the hospital and she’s quite happy for us to give a visiting date
  • Date to be arranged






Agenda Topic #4: Treasurers report



Account summary of 2012 given



  • Alumni dues up from £160 to £310
  • on 31/12/2012 closing balance was £1993.43
  • as of 09/02/2013 closing balance was £1297.43
  • Handover of account to incoming treasurer (signatories agreed to be put on the account are: the incoming treasurer and deputy, president and secretary)
  • Account is run traditionally. Statements are online
  • Account address to be changed to that of the incoming treasurer









Agenda Topic #5: Alumni website



It was agreed that an account would need to be set up in  order for the president to transfer ownership as it’s maintenance and hosting has been her own personal contribution


  • Volunteers needed to help administer website
  • New officers sworn in have been given admin access
  • £66 to host website
  • £8.95 for domain name



Agenda Topic # 6: Other issues



  • Mmoley clarified on how they wanted to use/administer the scholarship
  • Nene suggested that she would like to support students that fell under the “last 3” category
  •  Suggestions  that perhaps a remedial pilot scheme be formed for core subjects like Maths, English and Science where a teacher could run a peer mentor clinic
  • There was a discussion on the reunion for our 40th anniversary. It was agreed that we would come in when invited so as not to step on anyone’s toes
  • There was a flower presentation by the incoming executives to the outgoing execs
  • Dues collection
  • Swearing in oath followed by our school anthem
  • Music, food, pictures


Next meeting will be announced in due course


Designed by Mmoley Taylor